What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Each year in the United States alone, medical treatment is sought for an estimated 1,400-1,600 babies who have been shaken. Don’t let your child become just another statistic! Tell everyone who cares for your child “Never shake a baby!”

Thursday, March 5, 2009

~The 3rd Annual Shaken Baby Syndrome Candlelight Vigil 2009~

The Families of Shaken Baby Syndrome Victims and Survivors will host the 3rd Annual Shaken Baby Syndrome Candlelight Vigil honoring The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE SARAH JANE BRAIN FOUNDATION!

The mission of the Annual Candlelight Vigil is to bring together families with shared circumstances and raise awareness about Shaken Baby Syndrome. During the vigil, the Candlelight volunteers hope to provide a broad range of information and assistance to families of those affected by Shaken Baby Syndrome. The vigil provides a unique opportunity for families of SBS victims and survivors to come together and share their experience and their knowledge. Information regarding medical treatment and therapy assistance, as well as information on how to handle grief will be available to all who attend. The Candlelight Vigil also works to establish a support system for families of SBS victims and survivors. By linking families together who have shared this traumatic experience, we can help each other to learn, to grow, and to prevent this from happening to other innocent children.


Open Invitation to families and friends of SBS victims and survivors

From: Families of SBS honoring The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation

To the Third Annual Candlelight Vigil

On Friday, April 24th at 8pm

At Twin Lake Pavilion located in Twin Lakes Park

6700 Clark Rd

Sarasota, Florida

All proceeds and donations are used to assist families with travel expenses to and from the Candlelight Vigil. In addition, we hope that donations allow us to help fund family financial assistance for the necessary ongoing care and counseling for SBS victims and their families. Another goal this year is to make a sizable donation to The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, which you can learn more about Click Here.

There are many ways to help us achieve our goals this year.

If you would like to make a donation:

**to the Annual Candlelight Vigil, click the Donation Widget above.

**for a specific family to attend this year’s Vigil, click the Donation Widget above and notate your request in the message box provided with your transaction.

**to The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation, click the Donation Widget above.

To make a donation in the name of an SBS child or family by notating the name in the message box with your transaction.

It is also possible to honor the children of Shaken Baby Syndrome by purchasing one of our unique Support T-Shirts. The prices listed below include shipping. It will take approximately two weeks for you to receive your order.

Prices are as follows:

Children’s sizes: $16.50 for all sizes

Adult’s sizes:

Small to X-Large $18.00

XX-Large $20.00

XXX- to XXXX-Large $24.00

The T-shirts are white cotton with royal blue writing. A graphic of the T-shirt is displayed below.

(Bulk orders of more than 10 shirts at a time are offered at a discount rate.)

Payments and donations are accepted in the following forms.

Paypal (preferred method) is an easy and secure process for sending payments. Please send Paypal payments to: rasumner@aol.com

Money Orders can be mailed via USPS to:

Rachel Sumner

PO Box 20584

Sarasota, Florida 34276

Please note that t-shirts will not be shipped or considered ordered until payment is received.

Also available are our new Proudly Supporting Shaken Baby Victims/Survivors window decals. What makes them so special is that the handprints used in the decal belong to Alexis Vasquez, a victim, and the grandmother of an SBS victim. They are $5.50 each and can be ordered by following the instructions above.

Other merchandise available include Child Abuse Awareness key-chains and bracelets.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity to join forces with such amazing people to bring attention to such an important cause. The most devastating fact about Shaken Baby Syndrome is that it is completely preventable. If we work together, we can stop this from ever happening to another innocent child again.

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