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Friday, March 11, 2011

Dreams of a Princess - Chance of a Lifetime!

Family and Friends,

As you all know, on February 19, 2011 my best friend and love of my life proposed to me. Through heartache, grief, loss, and the tragic death of my daughter Madilyne, I never knew my heart could love as it does today.

I moved to Little Rock from Florida in July 2009, after the great travel from FL to NYC to Arkansas, to journey on my life path to make a life from the dreams within my heart. After dedicating all of my heart, my time, and my effort into the Legacy presented by the beautiful life of Madilyne, I am thrilled to share this news with all of you concerning our engagement. An opportunity of a lifetime has presented itself to us, and wanted to ask for your help.

Jamie and I have entered this contest for a chance to win $100,000 for the wedding of our dreams with a celebrity wedding designer from Crate and Barrel! This is so exciting, but short notice, and will only take you 2 seconds to vote. Simply click the link below which will take you to our page on their website and click vote. One vote per person, and please pass along to all you know! We need at least 3000 votes in the next 20 days to be in the top 100 that will go to a judging panel and winner will be announced in June 2011!

This is very exciting as an opportunity to not just have the wedding of our dreams, but also have ALL of our friends and family in attendance as this will help with travel accommodations for those near and far!

Thank you for your vote and keep passing along, we don't usually ask for something as such but this would truly be such a blessing for not only us, but for the memories we hope to share with everyone in March 2012!

Here is the link - http://www.ultimateweddingcontest.com/entry/153006

Love you all!
Jamie and Rachel
Mother to Madilyne <3 SBS Victim Age 10 months

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