What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Each year in the United States alone, medical treatment is sought for an estimated 1,400-1,600 babies who have been shaken. Don’t let your child become just another statistic! Tell everyone who cares for your child “Never shake a baby!”

Monday, February 27, 2012

{ A Tribute to an Extraordinary Man }

In April 2011, families gathered from across the world in Sarasota, Florida for the 5th Annual Shaken Baby Syndrome Candlelight Vigil. Some came as far as London, England, in support of all the children and families whose lives have been devastated by Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Organizing this event each year is such a joy, and done through the eyes of Madilyne's Legacy, the Legacy that built the Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network. Her Legacy began when just 4 families gathered together, hoping to meet others impacted by this horrible tragedy, in an effort to have someone there, that just might know or can try to understand "what its like"...

Have you ever met someone whose life has not been touched by Shaken Baby Syndrome, but they offer a support greater that they themselves could ever imagine? I have...

I remember in April being at my father's house with all the other families, and there was someone there that I was to meet for the first time. He was an attorney, who proclaimed to fight for our children.. With the background I come from, I have to be honest with you, if their name is followed or introduced with the word Attorney or Lawyer with it, I must say I am so very skeptical, because of the individual that traumatized me as a mother some 6 years ago, questioning the love I had for my child, simply because I did not refrigerate medication, that only needed to be for "better taste"...

I was so apprehensive.. I must admit, however in walks this man, flowers in hand, and the compassion that came from the introduction, can simply not be put into words. I had to know more, I had to know what this man is about. I had visited his website numerous times, read his Shaken Baby Syndrome Blog, found him via youtube, and the videos he made for our SBS Heroes.. but meeting him changed everything. Though his profession is an attorney/lawyer, he himself is so much more than that...

His name is Christopher Keane.  He has dedicated his life, his entire being, to protecting and finding justice for our heroes. If there is any word of expression past beyond the call of duty, he is that my friends.  Yes, he is an attorney, but he is an attorney who CARES.  Coming from a Mother, where trust in our legal system failed so many times, I can not display or begin to put into words how truly amazing this man is, and how many lives of those devastated by Shaken Baby Syndrome he has touched.

Why do I say this? He is not seeking answers from us.  He is seeking answers beyond us, for our children.  If he can, he will. If it can be done, you can count on him. He listens. He doesn't forget your child's name like many attorneys, he does not forget the day/time the tragic act against our heroes occurred. He comes to you. If he can do anything for you he will.  He gives advice from the heart, not a book.  Though very intelligent, he puts all of his learned knowledge to the side, to learn of the "real" act committed against our children, and though his life has fortunately not been touched by such a horrendous act, he is able to put himself in our shoes, even for a moment, to know what he himself would expect of an attorney/lawyer should he be in those shoes. Ever.

There is no one like him. Every client he has ever had, is never a client, but a life friend, whom he continually keeps in touch with beyond any trial, or judgement awarded in any case.  He is here for us. For our children.

Are you in the middle of, or preparing for trial? Need some advice from a friend, have concerns, or just need to talk to someone that will give you honesty and direction? Need help paying for those medical bills   or funds needed to care for your Survivor. He is here for us. He is on Facebook, Twitter.. He has a Blog, a Website, and you can even contact him now by clicking here.

If I can personally say anything about this man, let it be known.. Though our case has been long closed, without conviction, he has given me life, and hope that when this tragedy occurs, there is someone there for US, that has answers to all of our questions, whether he personally knows the answer himself, or can network us to someone that does. He has changed my life to know Madilyne's voice will never be silenced by an act of violence, and he carries in his heart her Legacy for her life to be known.

Chris, you are amazing beyond anything your being could ever show you. Thank you for what you have done for me, in my life, and for all of the families of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

With Love,
Mother to Madilyne Wentz

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sue121 said...

A true fact! Thanks Chris for all you do for these kids that have no voice.