What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Each year in the United States alone, medical treatment is sought for an estimated 1,400-1,600 babies who have been shaken. Don’t let your child become just another statistic! Tell everyone who cares for your child “Never shake a baby!”

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The legacy of Kassica Ashley Mary Harp

Kassica Ashley Mary Harp July 1, 1998 ~ April 21, 2000

I was born Kassica Ashley Mary Harp on July 1, 1998. I had a wonderful, loving family who was very happy to have me in their lives. I loved my Mommy, Daddy, Ahma, my big brothers Kyle and Ethan, and big sister Sammi. I had a lot of other loving family members who took care of me and loved me with all their heart and soul too. I grew from a healthy baby girl into a little princess that was as prissy as a tom-girl could be. I ruled the roost and even though I was a lot younger then my big brothers, I sure bossed them around! LOL!! They loved me so much they let me get away with a lot of that. I loved it when they would play with me and do lots of fun things to make me happy. Mommy, Daddy and Ahma gave me lots of hugs and kisses and spoiled me rotten! Mommy called me Pumpkin and was I everything she had dreamed she'd want in a little girl. Daddy was completely wrapped around my finger and I loved to play with him. Ahma played with me and made me feel very special. Mommy would sing to me and we'd dance around the house, being so very silly with my brothers and we'd laugh and laugh and laugh!

Mommy and Daddy knew this person that they had known for a very long time and trusted very much. This person was someone who was very involved in our family life. Daddy would play sports with him and Mommy would laugh at his funny jokes. This person was someone they both would have never believed that he could hurt anyone, much less me.

But he did.

He did something to me that should never happen to a child. Mommy, Daddy and Ahma will never know what all happened to me but I hurt really, really bad. He had shaken me really, really hard and I hit my head on something that gave me a very big skull fracture.

Mommy, Daddy and Ahma watched me get weaker and weaker in the hospital. I never could wake up to tell them I loved them. I knew Mommy was there and in the beginning could move my hands, arms and legs. When they would touch me and then stop, I would let them know I still wanted them to touch me, to show me they were there. But after awhile I got too tired and I couldn't show them anymore that I wanted their touch and their love.

Mommy, Daddy and Ahma prayed and prayed that I would get better and be able to come home but God told me that I had a very special job to do in heaven. He told me that He would make sure that they knew He loved them even though they were broken hearted. God sent a beautiful angel to take me to heaven.

In heaven I didn't hurt anymore. I wasn't afraid anymore.

I miss my Family but I watch over them and let them know I love them when they miss me, which is a lot. I know that I will get to see them soon. I have a little brother named Wyatt now and I watch over him too. I can't wait until my family gets here so I can show them around and take them to meet God.

I know what my special job is that God wanted me to do. God wants me to help stop other children from being hurt. By letting people know what happened to me maybe I can help stop other children from being hurt or having their life taken away from them too.

I was only 22 months old when I was taken away to heaven.

I didn't get to learn how to swim.

I didn't get to have slumber parties.

I didn't get to go to school and make friends, go to dances, get my first kiss by a boy I liked.

I didn't get to meet my special someone and have my fairytale wedding.

I didn't get to know what it was like to be a Mommy, holding my babies and watching them grow.

Please, please! Help stop these horrible actions against children.

Please help stop child abuse. Please.

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