What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Each year in the United States alone, medical treatment is sought for an estimated 1,400-1,600 babies who have been shaken. Don’t let your child become just another statistic! Tell everyone who cares for your child “Never shake a baby!”

Saturday, May 29, 2010

We need YOU for 2011! Want to attend the vigil? Here is how!

There have been many questions submitted regarding this next years 2011 5th Annual Shaken Baby Syndrome Candlelight Vigil which we hope will take place at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida April 2011. In order for this to happen, we have a year to plan the event, and a year to raise the much needed funds to make this happen.

Here are some of the questions that have been submitted answered:

1. The goal is to raise $15,000 dollars, what does it go for exactly?

The goal is set to raise enough funds to provide travel assistance to 100+ families. This travel expense will assist also with the $50 per person needed to enter the facilities at Universal Studios. This is simply the cost to host the event at this location, and provide families a chance of a lifetime to enjoy a day in the parks with those whom know their pain and circumstances. This will enable a chance for the families to gather in one place, and enjoy time together in one of the funnest places in the world. Creating smiles on the faces of those where destruction has taken over is our #1 goal.

2. I want to attend but will need assistance. How do I sign up for assistance?

There is a continuing revolving list that remains each and every year. We will put you in a slot on our list, and as funding becomes available you are offered assistance and the chance to arrange to come, and should you need to decline the next person in line will be offered such assistance. With that said, we have an entire year. Currently we as a network are doing everything in our power to ensure your attendance, however, you have an entire year to save towards your trip, and host fundraisers of your own. We ask that you do everything in your ability to raise the funds before asking for assistance. With our limited amount of funds each year, if you have received funding in previous years we will place your name on our standby list.

3. What can I do to help?

We are currently seeking family members to join our support team to broaden the spectrum of stories and circumstances to support all the new families joining our support network each and everyday. We are also seeking bloggers, and many other positions are coming available, and are volunteer, at your discretion.

4. I can not get the links to work to donate or purchase merchandise!

At anytime, if you are having an issue with any links to donate or purchase, please email Rachel at rachel@sbssupportnetwork.com, or send payment via paypal to suesbuffalo@yahoo.com

5. What is provided if I am funded for the vigil?

Currently as the past years, we provide (1) round trip plane ticket, a place to stay, and food. This is all courteous of Rachel and family, and local organizations including churches. Transportation will be provided for you for the duration of your stay.

These are just a few of the numerous questions we are receiving on a daily basis. You can always contact our team via the emails below, or call our organization hotline at 5012462917. Without you, this event can not take place! Lets make this next year, our 5th year the biggest yet! Pass along the information to everyone you know. If you would like information regarding our organization, and a request support letter to forward along, please use the contact us page on our website at http://www.shakenbabysupport.com or http://www.sbssupportnetwork.com

*Update on 501 (c) 3* The process is long as most know. We will be creating a fundraiser very shortly to raise the $750.00 needed to submit our paperwork to the IRS, however we have obtained our articles of incorporation which is a big step for us!

Thank you!

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