What is Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Each year in the United States alone, medical treatment is sought for an estimated 1,400-1,600 babies who have been shaken. Don’t let your child become just another statistic! Tell everyone who cares for your child “Never shake a baby!”

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello! From Mandy ~

Hey there everyone! I know it has been a little while since I last blogged. I apologize for my absence. This time of year is always a tough one as the anniversary of the day my little girl became an angel is right around the corner. As every Fall approaches we all see the beautiful leaves changing colors and falling off the trees. The summer heat slowly starts to fade away and we find ourselves wrapped up in blankets and coats. Each year we get our pumpkins together and we get busy baking in the kitchen. I live each day of my life with deep pain inside my heart that no matter what I do will never go away. I have this pain all the time, but everything about fall reminds me of all the horrible things that happened to my little girl. Each year I have taken this challenge just as I have with every other one. It’s never easy, but I manage to get through it.

OF course this year is the same thing with the exception that I have been faced with a new challenge. I now have a baby boy that l must continue to put a smile on my face and no matter how bad I am hurting stay positive and happy for him. I want to keep my blogging as positive as possible as this is a place for ALL of us to come for support. With the circumstances arising in my life I feel that is best for me to just take a step back right now. I will be back once I get through this and I will share with you my experiences through this part of the journey.

All my Love


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