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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

27 Years and Justice is finally Served!

Defendant Called "A Monster"
More than 27 years after he allegedly shook his infant son to death, the case of a North Carolina man finally goes to trial.
Posted: 7:34 PM Jun 16, 2008
Reporter: Todd Baucher
Email Address: todd.baucher@wtap.com

Story 10 Comments Font Size: One of the stepchildren of 48-year-old Richard Poore called him "a monster" on the first day of his trial Monday, one who often committed acts of abuse against him and his relatives.

"He'd just pick who he wanted to hit," said stepson Charles Hinton. "He'd want my brother to say curse words and my brother wouldn't say them, and he'd just punch him. I remember him doing things to my little sister."

And Hinton, who was five and a half years old in 1981, says he saw Poore violently shake his own son, Richard, Junior: violently enough to cause the four-month old infant's death.

"I just saw him pick him up and...run him against the wall," Hinton recalled, fighting back tears, "and just shook him and shook him and shook him."

Stepdaughter Heather Dunn says she was at school when the incident happened. she was notified by young Ricky's mother.

"I remember her saying he was gone," Dunn said. "And my (birth) dad came over and picked me and my brother up...and I remember we stayed with him."

Poore's attorney, Ira Haught, did not cross-examine witnesses, and declined to give opening statements until the defense begins presenting its case. That's something Pleasants County Prosecutor Tim Sweeney told us could happen as soon as Tuesday.

W.T.A.P News reported when Poore was arrested in 2006 that the case took more than two decades to prosecute because the completed autopsy report was never filed

This news story was submitted by the mother of Ricky. They have been going through the process for justice for 27 years! Little Ricky will never be forgotten, and though it took so long to get him justice, justice has prevailed.

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