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Friday, September 25, 2009

True Justice

According to Dictionary.com the definition of justice is: to cause to come before a court for trial or to receive punishment for one's misdeeds

July 9, 2007 …

I couldn’t wait for this day to get here. It was the day he was to be sentenced for my daughter’s death. The day I would finally be able to close this chapter of the book. I looked forward to this day, I planned for this day. I naively believed I would feel some sort of relief knowing he was paying for his crimes.

He had pled guilty in a plea agreement and we knew he was facing 30 to 64 years in prison. I was determined for him to get 64 years. Even though I personally felt the maximum of 64 years was not going to be enough to punish him for what he did.

When the judge delivered the sentencing of 40 years, I didn’t feel happy. I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t feel relief. Much to my dismay, I didn’t feel any different. The pain in my heart was still there. It didn’t bring my little girl back to me. I still didn’t get to hold her or kiss her or watch her grow up.

I am not saying I was not grateful for the punishment he did receive. I know many families who do not have the satisfaction of knowing the person who brought harm to their precious child has been punished. But in the end this monster has “3 hots and a cot” provided by us, the taxpayers, for at least the next 18 years when he will become eligible for parole.

Ultimately, I believe true justice will served on Judgment Day. Because on that day all the people who have hurt our children, whether they were convicted or not, will have to answer to their Creator. In my opinion, THIS is when true justice will be served… Until that day they will all have to live with the haunting horror of knowing what they have done and the fear of what is to come.


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