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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Justice, Forgiveness, Acceptance

Lately the topic of acceptance, justice, forgiveness have been on my mind.

Everyone is different, everyone has different beliefs, everyone has different thoughts.

Its not so clean cut for me I guess. I have come to “accept” what happen to my son, and to “accept” what we have in our lives and that we may have challenges and issues ahead because of his assault.

I can forgive most things people can say, or do. I might be a little bitter for a little bit, or angry of whatever, but I have forgiven everyone everything I think in my life. But I will NEVER forgive him for what he did to my son.

Some people may judge me for this. Some people may say I can never move on until I forgive. I cannot forgive. This is something I simply can not do. I will “accept” what happen for what it was, however forgiveness is something he will never have from me.

Justice…..again everyone I’m sure have a different view of what justice is and maybe to what extent. I can only speak from my heart. Although I am pleased that he was found guilty and was sentenced to 13 years in prison, and we were lucky with such an exceptional sentence, as many of you know, some people get off “scott free” and some serve little time, some serve more time.

In my opinion there is no “justice” for a person that abuses a child. Whether the child is a survivor or an angel. There is no amount of time that a person could serve that could bring the child back, or bring the child back to the child they could have been.

There is no sentence that a court of law could give that would be justice for me. I know that some how some way he will pay for what he did. I guess my version of “justice” is that he will never be near this boy. He will never get to see him grow, he will never get anywhere close to him, and he misses out on the best thing in this world. Watching and loving a child as they grow.

So whatever your version of acceptance, forgiveness and justice, I hope you find that special place within yourself so that you can have some amount of healing and peace.

Love and hugs families <3 Tara

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